OC vent art.

Something that’s not a doodle for once!!!

Available on my Redbubble!

something quick and kinda shitty

Birthday gift for a friend :^o

so in other news college sucks

I’m trying to relearn photoshop and so far I still hate lining in it.

Commissions looking like a no-go.

While I did say I would open up commissions again in September, I may continue to keep them closed until further noticed. The reason? I have a job! It’s only employment at my school’s cafeteria but if it’s helping me pay for school, I don’t mind at all. Furthermore, if you’d still like to help me afford my education, I’ve put up a PayPal donate button on my main blog. Thank you all! I’ll have commissions opened up as soon as I can.

I forgot to post this last night oopsie.

Mama Kars goes shopping for the whole family. ’ v `

Actually had time to draw something today.

Didn’t do 60min tonight because I’m exhausted and wanted to doodle garbage instead.