With that, commissions will close for a bit. With only two weeks until I leave for school and have to adjust, I think I’ll close them until September rolls around. Thank you all!

Commission for toripocalypse! Backgrounds are stubborn as heck, gah. It’s been quite a while since I’ve given it my all with one!

Put this man back where he came from or so help me.

Missssscelaneous doodles.

Bai “can’t stop making bird ocs” Jones. That’s me.

Anyway, since hardly anyone’s commissioning lately, I’ve decided to make and update refs for characters who need them… and that’s a lot.

Experimenting. Commissions are still open!

A little doodle thing. Not really in my style at all ‘cause I wanted to try something a bit different.

the fluffiest speedwagon u can imagine

the fluffiest speedwagon u can imagine